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Wallis Bird - New Boots (Deluxe CD)

9,99 €

“A stunning singer-songwriter" - The Sun

“A major talent who stands out from the bulk of folky female singer-songwriters vying for space”   -DAILY RECORD, UK


“The sheer visceral energy bursting from between the covers of Wallis Bird's second collection could kick-start an entire economy…”  **** The Irish Times


Can Opener
Travelling Bird    
To My Bones    
Meal Of Convenience    
Made Of Sugar    
An Idea About Mary    
When We Kissed, The World Fell In Love!    
Measuring Cities    
Your Mourning Dream     

Bonus Tracks:
Your Daddy (Live Version)   
LaLaLand (Acoustic Version)    
An Idea about Mary (Acoustic Piano Version)    
Measuring Cities (Live Version)    
To My Bones (Live Version)


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