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Wallis Bird - The Mistakes Are....(Hand-made CD)

10,99 €

only a few left!

 Even before the release of her third album, Wallis has recorded the songs all alone in her apartment in London and self-published under the name of "the mistakes are intentional ." Strictly limited to 1,000 copies. Naked and stripped down like you've never experienced her songs. To make it even more personal, Wallis handwrapped each CD in her own old curtains, tablecloths, scarves etc. to serve as a CD case.

"I thought they were already sold out?!" - you might wanna say.Yes, they were indeed but we saved a handfull of this mega-exlusive CD
to sell them on Ebay - kidding!
These beautiful handmade pieces are way too special to spend their last days in our warehouse. Therefore, you have the exclusive opportunity to acquire the very, very last copies of "The mistakes are intentional ."